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Technology system engineer- combustion for alternative fuels

Job description

The ideal candidate will strengthen the Advanced Engineering team and support the Combustion & Alternative Fuels Roadmap and Technology Availability Plan (TAP), to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for future ICE powertrains.

He/she'll be able to assume the following activities:

  • Work with the Combustion and Aftertreatment Technology Area Leader (TAL) to develop new technologies and release design guidelines of new systems
  •  Manage activities (both in-house and/or outsourced) to support Advanced Engineering projects, in cooperation with Suppliers, Universities, Partners
  •  Lead and/or conduct experiments at Engine Dyno and Hydraulic Test Rig either in-house or outsourced
  •  Work closely with Design/Analysis team to develop specific design features in Combustion Systems for alternative fuels
  •  Work closely with Controls team to develop specific control strategies
  •  Run simulation plant
  •  Understand the competitive landscape, including benchmarking
  •  Monitor/track industry trends, including Supplier developments
  • Contribute to the ICE & Alternative Fuels Roadmap evolution
  • Contribute to technical publications and active participation to congresses


  • Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, PhD in Energy Engineering or similar is an advantage
  • 5 years working experience (PhD included) in the Spark Ignition Combustion development field including sub systems and main calibration methods
  • Experience in project management is an advantage
  • Good knowledge of Internal Combustion Engines and their development, design, analysis and calibration
  • Good knowledge of combustion and emission control strategies for both automotive and stationary applications
  • Knowledge of advanced low or zero carbon fuels combustion systems
  • Knowledge of Engine Dyno Systems and main testing equipment
  • Knowledge of 3D/1D simulation codes and Python/MatLab is an advantage


  • Highly motivated team player
  • Self-driven with minimal supervision required
  • Innovative approach to technical and business issues
  • Able to deal with ambiguity
  • Effective communication
  • Fluent English (both written and spoken

Job type
A tempo indeterminato